Visit the Virtual Practice of Dr. Louise Andrew on HealthTap

Telemedicine Consultation

     Live Access to Medical Advice

     Dr. Andrew has been providing telemedicine advice via text or video consults for several years.  As a board certified internist and emergency physician with many years of experience, and an enthusiastic practitioner of the new specialty of anti-aging and regenerative medicine,  she has earned awards for her knowledge, responsiveness and bedside manner.  Dr. Andrew is currently the top Emergency Physician provider in the U.S. as well as the top physician of any specialty in the state of Washington on HealthTap, which is one of the largest and most established telemedicine operations in the US. 

     To schedule on online consultation with Dr. Andrew just click on the "Virtual Appointment" link to the left. You will need to register with HealthTap in order to access the secure medical records and communications platform required to use the service.  The consulting price varies depending on the length or complexity of consultation and whether you prefer video or messaging only ($45-120 currently).  Please do note that regulations limit telemedicine consultations to patients in Washington state or international.

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