Building a Better, Healthier Body

Dr. Harrison’s recently published book on Regenerative Medicine explains what this new specialty is all about. It was written for the educated layman/patient, so it’s NOT full of medical jargon (or at least the medical terms are explained), but still has lots of citations (more than 120) for those who want to dig deeper into the subject matter.

The author first explains the mechanisms of regenerative therapy and the use of modalities like stem cells and platelet-rich plasma. He then goes on to give descriptions of regenerative techniques already in clinical use today, such as the Vampire Facelift, snoreplasty, the O-Shot and prolotherapy.

 Dr. Harrison devotes another section of the book to the many therapies that are still in testing, but about to break out into the mainstream. These include cures for COPD, sickle cell disease, congestive heart failure and many more diseases for which today’s medical paradigm can offer only temporary or palliative measures.

The book ends with a section on the problems and challenges confronting Regenerative Medicine and the huge potential for new cures. The 160 page book includes a glossary, more than 60 full-color illustrations, and an index for quick reference.


The book is available on in paperback or .MOBI versions.

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