Turn back the clock on painful joints

Rejuvajoint is a prolotherapy procedure to reduce inflammation and pain in damaged or arthritic joints and restore the integrity of the joint capsule and cartilage. It uses the healing power of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and/or stem cells to heal inflamed joints and return them to a functional, non-painful state.

    There are many causes of osteoarthritis and it is a common complaint as we get older. But the final common denominator, whether it is arthritis of the hips, fingers, knee or elsewhere, is deterioration of the cartilage of the joints. Cartilage is like the Teflon of joints and allows the near frictionless gliding of one joint surface against another. When it wears thin and is lost, the rough bone surfaces grind against each other causing inflammation, pain and in reaction, further deterioration of the joint and surrounding tissues. There are a number of temporary symptomatic treatments such as steroid injections, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDS) and Tylenol, but these do not halt progression of the disease and could even make it worse in the long run. Eventually the patient may be faced with the choice of pain and immobility or joint replacement surgery.

      Sometimes injuries don't heal well or heal incompletely. This can leave active people with chronic pain and disability unless adequately addressed. Meniscus, ligament and tendon tears all fall in this category. Frequently prolotherapy can take care of these problems without the need for surgery.

      RejuvaJoint consists of injections into and around arthritic joints of either sugar solution, PRP, stem cells, or some combination of the three. Sometimes a series of injections, are necessary to obtain the full effect. However, the average treatment course is two or three visits. These injections induce the migration of your body's own stem cells into the area and activate them to start creating new cartilage, tendons and ligaments around the joint. It has been well documented in human studies that prolotherapy of this type can regrow cartilage in a joint where it was almost completely gone before. New cartilage and stable joint ligaments and tendons cause a decrease in inflammation and pain. This results in improvement of symptoms and sometimes a full return of useful function.

      Prolotherapy with PRP and/or stem cells has become popular among sports celebrities and people facing joint surgery or who have severe arthritis but can't afford or don't qualify for surgery. There is almost no downtime and the procedure is relatively painless.

     RejuvaJoint will not cure all arthritis. It is not indicated in inflammatory, infectious, or septic arthritis or gout.

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