Look and Feel Ten Years Younger

What if you could play tennis like you were 30? Start each day feeling fresh and energetic? Regain your sexual vitality? Live to be 100? Lots of people are already doing these things and enjoying every minute of it. You can join them. Not by taking some magic elixir or "fountain of youth" treatment, but just by using common sense and the latest scientific medical knowledge.

Regenerative medicine, a new developing medical specialty, can help turn the clock back. We can repair aging joints; regenerate old skin; help to regrow damaged ligaments and tendons; reinvigorate atrophied muscles; restore youthful energy, improve your sex life and more by harnessing your own body's healing capabilities. Our medical grade laser is great at wiping out nail fungus; removing age spots and spider veins; eliminating the rashes of psoriasis, rosacea or melasma; killing the bacteria that cause acne; and getting rid of unwanted hair.


Regenerative medicine works by stimulating your own stem cells to regrow damaged or diseased tissue.  No surgery is necessary and yet we can frequently accomplish the same results as surgical facelifts or complete joint replacements. Regenerative medicine can repair arthritic joints; add facial volume to smooth out wrinkles and folds; remove unsightly scars or blemishes; even cure snoring! Vampire™ procedures like the Vampire Facelift™, Vampire Facial™ and Vampire Breastlift™ can take years off your appearance by enhancing the growth of your own skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Please browse our website and see the many ways we can improve your life. If you think we can help you then just call us at 360-504-2260 to schedule your initial evaluation. And if you have any questions not answered by the website please send us an email to questions@rejuvacare.org. We'll be happy to help.


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